You have to hear the poltergeist to solve it

booktrackBooktrack Inc. of New Zealand has published an ebook version of The Priest, the Witch & the Poltergeist with a publishing first – a soundtrack to which you listen as you read, to solve what the poltergeist in the story is all about.

The story is the same as in the paperback version, but multidimensional. Made at Park Road Post Studios, the same studio that produced sound for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, the reader downloads the free Booktrack app, puts on a pair of headphones, and chooses the volume of the sound effects and the music.  As you read, the poltergeist awakens.  Listen to a sample:

The poltergeist has been created and blended from thousands of sounds in Park Road Post’s resources. You can buy a regular ebook. Or you can enter the haunted world of the Cideville parsonage and listen to the sounds for yourself.

“I say that the noises seemed to me so extraordinary that I would vouch for them with my blood. I could not wait to leave that horrible place.”
– Father Gaetan Leroux,1851