The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist

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“Full of twists – fascinating story.”

-Toronto Star, June 23, 2013.

“Okay – this book right here?  This book right HERE?  This was awesome!  Delicious historical fiction with a lesson.  A hater priest.  A mysterious loner.  An unsolved mystery surrounding a poltergeist.  Plot twists and chilly images lead to one helluva courtroom showdown.  If you like your history with a splash of soap opera, definitely check this one out.”

– Suzanne Rogers, This Book Right Here, Feb. 2013[/one_half_last]

“A great work of historical fiction.”

– 1776, Philadelphia, Jan.24/2012

“Barbara Wade Rose’s novel, The Priest, the Witch, & the Poltergeist, based on the true story of the 1851 Cideville witch trial in France in 1851, is full of twists. The witch is a man named Felix Thorel who puts a hex on two teen boys in retribution for the jailing of his coven leader. The hex produces unbearable sounds at the village parsonage that almost drive the local priest Father Jean Tinel out of his mind. He goes to the farm where the witch works as a shepherd and, failing to have the hex lifted, beats him.

To paraphrase, the witch tells the priest, “I’ll see you in court,” and sues him. It’s a strange tale that intrigued Wade Rose when she read about the case in a dentist’s waiting room, perhaps anticipating the sound of the drill. If so, it was worth it for the fascinating story she unearthed.”

– Linda Diebel is a Toronto Star reporter and non-fiction writer

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“The twists and surprises such as the parish priest beating a witch keep it sizzling through to the end.”

– London’s The Beat: Arts and Entertainment, Sept./10

“A lively circus of a novel, animated by a most intriguing cast of characters. The story is truly bizarre and engaging — at turns suspenseful, humorous, unsettling, even poignant — and rips along at a brisk and entertaining pace. It is richly imagined, well-told, and made even more compelling by the element of truth. I loved the mayhem of the trial scene, and thoroughly enjoyed the entire book.”

– LFinnegan, Barnes & Noble, May /12

“I say that the noises seemed to me so extraordinary that I would vouch for them with my blood.  I could not wait to leave that horrible place.”

– statement of Father Gaetan Leroux at trial, 1851