BUDGE: What happened to Canada’s King of Film

“Budge Crawley is a true pioneer. This book provides a detailed and affectionate portrait of an independent Canadian film legend.”   – director Atom Egoyan.

Budge Crawley was one of the most incredible characters in Canadian film history, and his independent film company’s story is a parable of Canada’s highs: films that captured the changing dynamic of this vibrant land, and won scores of international awards, and lows: the blinkered selling of our movie future to our Hollywood neighbours to the south.

 “This book is a must read . . . for those in the industry and anyone who loves movies.” – Wayne Clarkson, former Canadian Film Centre executive director and head of Telefilm


 “A unique and unusual figure in the history of Canadian filmmaking, Frank Radford “Budge” Crawley was a dynamic, vigorous, infuriating man and a larger-than-life character. An audacious rogue, a trail-blazing entrepreneur and a true pioneer, he is often considered Canada’s answer to Sam Goldwyn or Jack Warner.” – The Canadian Film Encyclopedia


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