A distant relative of my dog plays in a Beijing alleyway.

This is a short blog about Chinese dogs written partly because I am a dog fancier.  What I had heard mostly about Chinese dogs from Canada is that they were considered delicious, so I didn’t expect to see any. Like most stereotypes that was nonsense, of course.  In the cities there are little dogs everywhere: mutts and Pekingese and pugs (yay!) and, in the wealthier neighbourhoods, Pomeranians. The mutts are usually short-legged, snouted alert little fellas with medium hair. They live in alleyways, rabbit-warren neighbourhoods and apartment buildings.  Very few of them walk with leashes. Almost none.  I was cringing every time a car drove by but after it passed, there was the dog, looking comfortable and safe.  Even the pugs, which are notorious for being stupid about cars. Certainly mine, at any rate.

During a downtown wait for a traffic jam to clear I watched a black-and-white dog trot by itself down a busy city street, wait for the light to change, cross the intersection, and carry on its way. My dog has been getting away with too much for too long.  Starting next week, it’s her turn to get the groceries.